Effects of Oxandrolone

Of all the all the anabolic steroids on the market, very few are as misunderstood as Oxandrolone. The vast amount of this misinformation revolves around the effects of Oxandrolone, and when we look at steroid message boards and health websites itís not too hard to see why the confusion is so great. On steroid message boards, you have people quoting performance enhancement experts, and of course throwing in their own opinion. Then you have the health and medical websites, and what youíll read there is an often apple to oranges when compared to steroid message boards. Of course, if we use that chunk of tissue located in-between our ears itís fairly easy to understand the effects of Oxandrolone; itís not a complicated steroid.

In order to understand the effects of Oxandrolone, we merely need to understand its nature, which can be found by going to the profile link. Once we understand the steroidís nature, then we can begin to understand its effects. With the nature in mind, we want to look at the effects of Oxandrolone in a way that anyone can understand; in short, we want to keep it as simplistic as possible so that you know what to expect. We want to look at the effects of Oxandrolone on anabolic activity, the metabolism and in an overall performance sense. In doing so, youíll know exactly what to expect should you decide to supplement with this steroid.

The Effects of Oxandrolone on Muscle Growth:

The effects of Oxandrolone on muscle tissue growth are nowhere near as strong as many other steroids. Even with massive doses, youíre not going to find a lot of growth to occur; this is not a testosterone like compound. While a mild steroid, any growth that does occur will be nothing but lean muscle tissue, as this steroid does not aromatize at all. This can make it a great choice for off-season female use, but not so much for men. For men, stronger steroids are normally advised, but for women, most donít want a massive increase in size, and a slight increase in lean tissue can be just what theyíre looking for.


The Effects of Oxandrolone on Fat Loss:

The effects of Oxandrolone on fat loss are nothing short of tremendous. This is one of the few anabolic steroids that can actually burn body fat. Not only will it enhance your metabolic rate, a trait shared by most anabolic steroids, it will directly burn body fat. This makes Oxandrolone a great cutting steroid, and cutting is the primary purpose of use for this steroid. The effects of Oxandrolone are so strong in this regard you could actually consume maintenance level calories and still burn body fat. Of course, if you really want to lean up, you will need to be in a caloric deficit.

The Effects of Oxandrolone on Athleticism:

The effects of Oxandrolone on athleticism make it one of the best steroids for direct performance enhancement. The effects of Oxandrolone include the primary factors associated with athletic enhancement, and with high levels of toleration itís often the perfect choice. Athletes who use this steroid will find their strength increases significantly as well as their muscular endurance. Further, not only will muscular endurance be improved but most will find cardiovascular endurance greatly enhanced as well. When you put all this together with the effects of Oxandrolone on enhanced recovery, it may be one of the best athletic enhancing steroids of all time.