Oxandrolone Doses

In order to maximize the benefits of any anabolic steroid, we have to understand proper doses. Itís not enough to simply take a steroid. When we look at Oxandrolone doses, too much will lead to side effects that canít be controlled, especially in women, and too little wonít do anything at all. We want to look at proper Oxandrolone doses for men and women. We want to find the right doses that will maximize your performance while leaving side effects where they belong, in a non-existent state. Of course, the issue of individual response must always be considered, and genetics will always mean the total effects can vary from one person to the next. With that in mind, letís look at Oxandrolone doses from base levels to maximum strength and see if we can find the right Oxandrolone doses for you.

Male Oxandrolone Doses:

As a relatively mild anabolic steroid, most men will need fairly large Oxandrolone doses if theyíre going to have any success. While carrying an extremely high anabolic rating, the rating is far more deceiving than most steroids as Oxandrolone wonít yield as much anabolic activity as its rating implies. Of course, thereís a downside to this as this means youíre going to spend a lot of money to truly benefit from this steroid. If youíre on a budget, this probably isnít the steroid for you.


In order to enhance performance, most men will find Oxandrolone doses from 30mg to 50mg per day to be the way to go with 50mg being the m ost efficient. 30mg per day is enough to enhance athletic performance in regards to strength and endurance, but for true cutting plans most will need around 50mg per day. For more advanced plans, 80mg per day will be well tolerated in most cases; however, doses above this mark will often lead to DHT related side effects. With this steroid averaging a cost of $2 per 10mg tab, itís not too hard to see how expensive the right Oxandrolone doses can be.

Female Oxandrolone Doses:

Female Oxandrolone doses will normally fall in the 5-10mg per day range. Most women will be able to tolerate 10mg per day fairly well, and such a dose can be used for bulking, cutting or athletic performance. Despite displaying less anabolic activity than its rating implies, women are far more sensitive to the steroid than men, and a little will go a long way.

For women who want to increase their Oxandrolone doses, they should not do so until theyíve had success with a 10mg dosing. If a 10mg dosing has been used without signs of virilization, an increase in 5mg can be attempted the next go around. If this is successful, a total of 20mg per day can be attempted; however, thereís something important you need to understand. Oxandrolone doses of 5-10mg per day will rarely display virilization symptoms in most women, but each increase beyond 10mg greatly exasperates the potential for adverse effects. Further, with Oxandrolone doses above 20mg per day, this all but guarantees some level of virilization.

Regardless of where your Oxandrolone doses fall, if virilization symptoms begin to show you are strongly encouraged to discontinue use immediately. If use is discontinued at the onset of symptoms, they will fade away rapidly and no damage will be done. If symptoms are displayed and ignored, this is where you may run into trouble as the effects will become permanent.